When I moved the oktet.net domain from Servage to Unoeuro in 2010, I originally intended to write a small blogging/cms framework to make updating this page easy. I had been running Wordpress for a while, but found it overkill for my needs. I did not need the many features it provided, and having to keep it updated and the comments free of spam was tiresome. Instead, the page turned into 3 years of an ugly static website.. After reading lots of posts about static webpage generators on Hacker News, I decided that it would be a good compromise between ease of use and low maintenancen.

The choice fell on Jekyll with Github Pages, as this saves me from running the generator when the content is updated, and gives me version control of the page for free. Armed with these new tools, I hope to resurrect this site, and use it as a place to share small tips & tricks and possibly hobby projects.